Using Photographs As Stories

We generally use photographs to record happy family memories or large scale events such as weddings. We scour through old photographs to revive these memories or because we long to feel nostalgia about the past. 

Photographs are so much more than recording a set moment in time. Photographs can portray emotions and feelings, reveal characters to us, give us the background to an event and they can even tell us the weather on a particular day!

Photographs can also inspire writing and stories and I often use photographs in my workshops to help students begin the writing process. If you look at a photograph think about how it makes you feel and what thoughts come into your head. Can you imagine a story behind the photograph? Who are the characters associated with the image and what is their story? 

Most of us have instant access to a camera now through our mobile phones, so next time you are out, take lots of photographs of things that catch your eye or interest you. Then, slowly absorb the photograph and see where it takes you and use your writing to write your own story.

If you are interested in learning more about photography and writing please check out my workshop pages.